Welcome to the Dresden Zwinger

Situated in the heart of the Saxon state capital, the Dresden Zwinger is among the most well-known baroque buildings of Germany and, apart from the Church of Our Lady, certainly the most famous building monument of Dresden. It accommodates internationally renowned museums and is a place for staging music and theater performances.

On the following pages, you are invited to learn more about this splendid festive area that goes back to Augustus the Strong.

The Old Masters Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister) is surely the most popular exhibition on the grounds of the Dresden Zwinger. For more information on the painting gallery and further exhibitions of the Dresden State Art Collections, please follow this link.

Orange Trees at Dresden Zwinger

In the Year 1710 August the stong Gave new Glory to the Dresden Zwinger.
Several hundred italian orange trees found their places in one of the most beautiful Orangery in Germany.

To get nearer to the original intention in 2017 the first 80 orange trees should find their way back into the Dresden Zwinger.

Please support this project and became a sponsor for an orange tree.

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